Two Violins' gallery from journeys around the world.

Playing for great Ivry Gitlis, 2016!

With Alexander Markov after the concert in Carnegie Hall, New York, 2015

Taken during the concert in the Hague, 2016

Alfa Jazz Festival, Lviv, 2015
the biggest audience at the Rynok Stage – more than 2500 people

Rehearsal before the Electro-acoustic festival in Krakow, Poland, 2016

H.I.F. Biber International Competition, Austria 2015

Winners of three Grand Prix at the 20th International Competition behalf G. Campochiaro, Pedara Catania, Italy, 2011

Interview for BBC after the concert in London, 2014

Christmas Jazz, Kyiv, 2016

Interview for FOCUS magazine, Kyiv, 2016

Premiere of String quartets composed by Illia Bondarenko and Tetiana Zhmendak, Kyiv, 2015

"Puzzles of Eternity" premiere at the United Nations, New York, 2014

Taken at the Hague.

One BIG stage! National Christmas Concert in Kyiv, 2016

Ready to go!